• Padmja Sopori

Young Hobbyist: Summer Plans

The time of summer vacations is almost upon us, and with summer vacations come kids that have nothing to do besides spending their free time glued to a screen. Parents know that a child is just a few boring days away from turning everyone’s lives into a nightmarish hellscape of whining and tantrum throwing, but summers are a great time to introduce children to new activities that they would normally never think of trying themselves. We at Hobbyist World have taken the brunt of the work of finding a new activity for kids by compiling a list of activities that would (potentially) keep them out of trouble’s way.

Get Creative

If your kids have a fairly rampant imagination, with nowhere to channel it, getting a creative hobby can be a healthy outlet for both their creativity and their energy.


Paints are something most kids like to play with anyway. There are several different types of art kits readily available on the market for all age groups. This can also be an opportunity for them to learn about famous artists and their artwork. Start off with a paint by numbers kit, and then move on to something a bit more complicated.


Children that are interested in acting can be signed up for drama clubs or for theatre classes conducted during summer vacations. Children interested in writing can also be persuaded to read plays written by famous playwrights and asked to write plays of their own.

Playing a Musical Instrument

Musical instruments, though a potential noise hazard, are a great way to keep the tots entertained for hours on end. They can start off with playing instruments like the keyboard, then slowly graduate to something more complicated like the violin or a woodwind. You can find kids music classes here.

Start a Collection

Collecting items helps with the development of cognitive skills, and helps kids, especially younger one's classification and grouping things and the ability to spot differences. Some collectables are:


Kids can be encouraged to start collecting their favourite comic books or even books written by their favourite authors.


Collecting currencies from different countries is a popular hobby among kids of all ages. To increase tr collection, you can ask friends or relatives to lend you some coins and notes from their trips abroad. This can also assist in building your child's general knowledge, by asking them to learn about the cultures of different countries the currency is from.

Sea Shells

Shells are a twofer, as they also serve as souvenirs from days spent basking in the sun.


If your child likes rocks, they can start a collection of ones that look weird, semi-precious stones, and crystals. You never know it may motivate them into becoming a geologist when they grow up!

Embrace Nature

Nature related hobbies can be an excellent means of educating children about the outdoors. Some nature-related hobbies are:


Gardening is an interesting outdoor activity that helps kids learn about the flora around them. The best way to help your kids start this activity is by giving them a plant of their own to take care of. Try a growing kit for kids, to get them started.

Nature Trails

Kids love it whenever there is a change from the mundane day to day activities and nature trails are one such outdoor activity that gives your kids the feel of real adventure. Find potential nature trails here.

Animal Care

Kids can be encouraged to do volunteer work at animal shelters, or build birdhouses and bird feeders for native birds. Taking care of animals can positively influence them and teach them about animal rights.

Learn a Real-World Skill

Your child may already be interested in something that can develop into something that can help them in their adult lives. Some of them can include:


Cooking is a basic skill that everyone should know, you can start by letting them help cook or bake simple things. A recipe book dedicated to kids is also a great place to start.


Inculcating good habits at the right age can prove beneficial for kids in the long run., and the habit of reading in kids can be very useful. It helps in improving their vocabulary and language skills. You can get your child a library membership or get them interested in reading books online.

Science Skills

Moreover, science is an integral part of the daily functioning of our lives. Therefore, a basic understanding of science is very important. Give your kids some fun activities to do with some easy to do at home science experiments. Get a science guide here.

Join a New Sport

Sports are essential for a child’s overall development. some include:

Bike Riding

Encourage your kids to ride their bikes as it is a fun way of keeping them healthy.


Most kids love splashing around in the water, the best way to have fun doing it is by swimming. This activity is especially suitable for summer vacations.

Having a hobby is important for the development of a child. Hobbies promote various social, moral, creative, and academic skills, which is exactly why children who take up positive hobbies are known to do better, both personally and professionally. They build confidence and promote creative energy. Moreover, hobbies can be a great way to learn, while having fun.