• Atul Prasad

The Speechless Rescue


Earth, the place we call home, houses not just us humans but other beings from long before we even came to existence. Over the course of time and evolution, we humans have achieved great feats towards the progress of society but very little in the department of humanity. Yes, Humanity. And we have failed it for evermore. ‘Tis we, who came up with this concept which, across the globe is based on principles like kindness, forgiving, selflessness etc. But often times more than one, we seem to forget these values of life and end up doing more harm than good. Not just against ourselves but mainly against the other life forms, who have come to depend on us over time and ever since we christened ourselves “The Higher Being”. Some of these “other life forms”, our own pets or the ones that live on the streets or the ones that live in the wilderness, have faced cruelty in the form abuse, poaching, abandonment etc.

While one section of our planetary society goes on with life while doing harm to these speechless beings, knowingly or unknowingly, the rest of us work really hard to bring comfort, peace, food, shelter and last but not the least love to these animals. The only thing that differentiates us from the animals is the “power of speech”, not that it is one, and it is because of this that us humans have decided that we have a higher place in the society of mother nature.

Animal rehabilitation as a hobby is time well spent doing good. Not for the sake of “doing good” but for the sake of the well being of these animals. These speechless beings are being put through unspeakable misery and are unable to voice the pain. Why not do our part and be their voice and show them some much needed love and comfort. A simple act like rescuing the animal from the street or the abuser or even from the heartless poachers of the world is a step towards the betterment of these animals. Across the globe, rehabilitation

centers, adoption centers, and medical camps have been set up for this very purpose. There are national parks and zoos where one can adopt the animals on a yearly basis by taking care of their daily maintenance and food. A few of the major companies like Infosys, Microsoft etc have come forward to fund such initiatives across the world and have inspired people worldwide to do the same and to treat these animals as equals.

We have all heard the saying “All you need is love” but the fact remains that all they need is love. Just like us humans some of these animals have learnt and do co-exist because they understand, much better than us, the bond they are capable of building.

A lot of us have a great deal to learn from these compassionate animals and not ill treat them for no fault of theirs. So let us all save these beautiful creatures and work towards a better future for them. All remember, Just like you and I, they have a mind too. They have a body too. They have a soul. A soul of an unbreakable spirit.