• Shivani Rao

The Great Escape

Escape Rooms are real-life, team-based adventure games, usually lasting 60 minutes. They’re all the rage in the west these days, with an escape room situated in almost every city, and guess what, they’re making their way to the Indian fun scene too. The next time you and your friends meet up, instead of going for the usual games night, maybe you could google the location of the nearest Escape Room and have a night filled with adventure, fantasy and of course, fun!

Escape Rooms are ideal choices for almost all gatherings because of their universal appeal and suitability for almost all demographics. They are great ideas for a family outing, corporate team-building or a fun adventure with friends.

Every Escape Room has its own unique theme, narrative and mission. Some of the most common escape Room themes are prison cells, space, horror, zombie, etc. There are also special themes like Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and are an excellent option for the fan girls and fanboys amongst us.

These rooms are stuffed with potential clues or riddles, solving which will get you out of them. Escape room experiences are intense, filled with brainstorming sessions because everywhere you look, there might be a potential clue or riddle waiting to be solved that will get you out of an escape room. These experiences call for teamwork, creativity, quick-thinking and sometimes, trust. They could help you bond and make friends for life, with your work team or with plain strangers.

An Escape Room can hold practically any type of clues, although most range from technical clues like Morse codes to word puzzles. They could hold hidden objects, significant light, clues held in images, mosaics, algebraic questions, different patterns, etc. Hence, to escape from an Escape Room, you will have to put your thinking cap on and utilise the skills and knowledge of different members of your team based on their inclinations. You will have to think like an engineer and a writer too. Most Escape Rooms allow their players up to three hints, and you can ask your Game Guide, who will be an Escape Room staff member, for them. Escape Rooms can be hard, they were not meant to be simple, and you should not let ego get in your way. Ask for these clues at the right time, and you increase your own chances of emerging victorious.

There are close to five thousand Escape Rooms world-over today, and new ones are being built every week. The idea of Escape Rooms took root from first-person adventure video games in which players interact with objects in their surroundings by clicking on them. Videos games such as Myst and Crimson Room among others are said to have fuelled this trending concept.

The first Escape Room is said to have been designed and created by a Japanese company ‘SCRAP’ in 2007. Escape Rooms then spread like wildfire from Japan to China to the rest of Asia, Europe and America, being the exploding idea that they are.

Escape Rooms in India are on their way to getting a strong foothold in the Indian adventure scene. Escape Room companies such as ‘Breakout’ and ‘Mystery Rooms’ have their branches in various cities and are some of the top-rated Escape Rooms of the country.

With one cropping up almost every month in major cities of the country, they will soon become one of the most accessible forms of outing ideas. What are you waiting for? Find the Escape Room setup closest to you and transform your regular family weekend into a real-life fantasy by fighting demons, solving puzzles and emerging a hero.