• Atul Prasad

The Founders' Note

Dear Readers, We have set up a platform to showcase and curate various Hobbies and Hobbyist’s, called the Hobbyist World. The idea is to encourage people to have a work-life balance and discover something to help them live their lives to the fullest and most importantly, build a community.

Now more than ever, in these unprecedented times, the value of community is felt - where we are all isolated, yet in it together. At the end of this we will emerge a better version of ourselves.

The lockdown has provided us time with our loved ones and the internet has enabled us to catch up with friends, family and communities that we are a part of. It is in times like this, that we are able to introspect and realign our goals. It is also now that we realize our true potential at Hobbyist World - helping people with meaningful pursuits. We are in our final stages of beta and would love for you to come forward and help us grow this community as we scale up our operations to full throttle .

Take care, stay safe and stay at home. Warm regards Gul, Rishi and Nihal(son)