• Shivani Rao

Sun, Stars and Hobbies

Horoscopes interest a huge number of people, and chances are, they’ve proved true for you at some point of time. They attempt to predict happenings in different aspects of your life based on personality attributes that are considered to be unique to each zodiac. We have listed some hobbies that you should try, based on your zodiac. Believer or not, read on and you will definitely get some interesting suggestions and who knows? You might just end up with a kickass new hobby that suits your personality.

The basic foundation of astrology lies in the 12 signs, 12 houses, and 9 planets. Each sign each house indicates certain areas of one’s life such as career, family among others. The planets represent the kind of energy you hold. An astrology chart shows how much energy you have in dealing with various sectors of your life. Your third house indicates your hobby.


You are an ardently passionate sign with a need for continuous action. You appreciate challenges and are very competitive. You are not a fan of stationary activities and are always itching to go outdoors. Rock Climbing is a very thrilling hobby to take up, and also a unique talent. Taking it up as a hobby will teach you some invaluable skills like crisis management, making use of minimal resources to accomplish mountainous tasks (literally and figuratively).


As a Taurus, you are calm, collected and chill. You love comfort and activities that take you closer to nature are your heart’s favourite. Gardening is a very satisfying hobby that your calm soul would greatly appreciate. Wine-tasting is another fancy option for a Taurus. Another activity you could give a shot to is Fishing, with its proximity to nature.


Gemini is one of the most artistic signs of the zodiac and hence, the hobbies they can pursue are unlimited and very fulfilling. You are a fast learner, love to communicate and have an eye for everything aesthetic. You can learn a foreign language, an activity that appeals to the logical and artistic parts of your brain. You have a knack for words and their rhythm, and creative writing is something you can definitely do very well in.


Cancerians have always been known to be homely and nurturing, and there are a number of hobbies you can pursue as one to unleash your inner Hestia, the Greek Goddess of the hearth, the family and the home. Cooking is not just a fun hobby but also an essential skill. Other hobbies you can indulge in, are interior decoration, charity.


As a Leo, you love attention. Your love for an audience might make performance-based hobbies such as dancing, live music and the theatre very appealing. Many of you also care about your appearance a lot, so maybe you could try out experimenting with make-up! Fashion Designing is also a very trendy option.


As a Virgo, you have excellent planning skills and a very detail-oriented nature. Pursuing Chess might one of the best ideas you have ever heard. You can even take up bullet-journaling, something that will go very well with your organised nature. Virgo is an Earth sign and you will enjoy hobbies related to agriculture and soil, and pottery can make for an extremely productive hobby!


You have an eye for all things aesthetic and your love for beauty can lead you to some of the most fulfilling hobbies. You can take up different types of photography like wildlife photography, modelling photography or can even try your hand at blogging, sharing the beauty in everything with people around you.


You are a chaotic bundle of emotions and the intensity of your feelings is sometimes too strong for even you to handle. Taking Meditation as a hobby will calm you down and will be healthy as well. Scorpio is a water sign, and any water-related activities like deep-sea diving, fishing and swimming can be extremely enjoyable for you.


As a Sagittarius, you are very energetic and love adventures. Adventure sports such as paragliding could be a very good hobby for you to pursue. Going on long drives might also be a very appealing option. Apart from being adventurous, you are also very good at inspiring others and mentoring or counselling can be a very fulfilling hobby for you to pursue.


Capricorns are as ambitious as the mountains and not many things give you as much pleasure as advancing your career. You are practical and your hobbies often consist of creating useful things. Digital Marketing is a useful skill for you to learn, and so is graphic designing. You know the value of money and currency-collecting is a classic hobby that never goes out of style.


As an Aquarius, you are all for technology and futuristic thinking. You are innovative and are always trying to make your efforts efficient. You can give a shot to web design, amalgamating your love for technology with the beauty of designing. You can even give a shot to coding and robotics.


Pisces are compassionate and artistic. You have ingrained love for the arts and should definitely continue with your childhood hobbies of painting and the crafts. You can also start reading. Because of your affinity with water, you can try synchronised swimming and learn something really cool!