Netflix and Chill

With the mercury rising outside, all anyone wants to do is stay in an air-conditioned room, inside. But staying at home can be a drag when you have nothing better to do. Worry not, because Hobbyist World is here to save the day. If you have an internet connection, you won’t be bored again.


Russian Doll on Netflix takes the right amount of time to be perplexing but when the clues start coming, it crackles and sparkles. This is a must see.


If you like shows that push the boundaries of comedy, you should watch this show. It's amazing how they could make such unlikable characters likeable and funny. It isn't for everybody, but if you like dark comedies, should give this show a try.


Game of Thrones centres around about a dozen or so main characters, although some are more interesting than others, the depth of each of the characters in grander than almost anything you will see. The show is engaging enough that you'll never want to miss a detail.


It’s a weird show, with a new trick up its sleeve. Jason Bateman delivers a mind-blowing performance as Michael Bluth, who loves his son more than anything and always feels like he’s just helping his family out of messes. Will Arnett does an amazing job playing Michael Bluth’s mostly awful magician of a brother, Gob. David Cross plays Michael’s Brother-in-Law, an aspiring actor with no talent, and no chance of being anything but “Frightened Inmate Number Two.” There are many other amazing performances in the show, with a mix of drama, romance and comedy blending into a show that 100% deserves all the awards it has received.


The series is a tapestry of futuristic and modern-day stand-alone tales that are thrilling, perplexing, crisp and full of satire. Using technology as a source of paranoia, the stories explore the collective anxious state of mind of the world. Each story features its own cast of prodigious and mystifying characters. The plots for each episode are clever, unique, thought-provoking, insightful, duplicitous, cathartic and have stunning endings. It's a refreshing look at how technology can turn on society when in today's world people feel like they're missing out on or aren't part of something bigger if they're not participating in some form of social media. The series also scrutinizes technology turning on itself, humans using technology to turn on each other and humans using technology to turn on themselves. This is a one of a kind, captivating, mesmerizing and memorable series.

FARGO (Netflix)

To call Fargo a pleasant surprise is an understatement. By far the greatest achievement is the superb casting and plotting. The universe of compelling characters initially takes a similar plot to the motion picture, yet with each successive season increases into something arguably greater and more absorbing than the Coen Brothers classic. It also lovingly references a lot of the Coen's films through its subtle use of music, dark humour and creative cinematography.

THE OFFICE (Amazon Prime Video)

Who would’ve thought that a TV show revolving around the lives of office employees working in a paper company, would bring so much joy to my life? The Office is probably one of the best t.v shows I have ever watched, due to its quirky humour and very endearing, memorable characters.

AMERICAN GODS (Amazon Prime Video)

American Gods is absolutely brilliant in it's handling of ancient Norse lore and Gaiman really knows how to mix it up with our current religions and asking, what if they were real? What would they be doing now?


Do not let the name put you off- it really develops into the characters and not the name of the town. Like a fine wine, it gets better with age.


If you like The Office, you'll love this. You'd never think that a show could be funnier than anything with Dwight in it, but I was wrong! The first season isn't perfect, so stick with it, it'll get better. Overall, this show has laughs, love, and a lot of feels and great for anyone looking for a feel-good comedy.