• Shivani Rao

Jam Sessions

Music is an art form, a recreational activity, a cultural identity, a stress-buster, an educational resource, a medium of communication and to many people, a coping mechanism. We don’t often realise how important a part music plays in our lives. You are probably humming a song in your mind right now, and you didn’t even know about it. Music speaks where words fail, and well, who doesn’t feel graceful with earphones on and soft music playing in the background?

There are a hundred reasons to love music, but here comes the question: What do you do of that love? Sure, time spent listening to music is time well-spent, but have you ever wondered if music lovers could have hobbies that were possibly more than just listening to music?

As a matter of fact, there are a number of hobbies that music lovers can pursue. They range from the most basic of ideas to things you probably didn’t ever consider.

Creating Music

  • Singing

Quite obviously, if you’re in love with music, you should probably hone your singing skills. Take classes, sing at a college festival, audition for a show, do a little more for your hobby than you already are.

  • Playing an Instrument

This one's on the bucket lists of many, but very few actually end up doing. Start with something small like a ukulele and put in regular hours. Play covers, play your own tunes, present your music at a house party, impress the peers, bag dates, all of those things.

  • Songwriting

You’ve made up tons of songs in your mind, never to be actually written down and now lost somewhere in your mind. You could pursue songwriting as a pure hobby, writing whatever you want to and loving it, or you could strike the middle ground between a hobby and a profession by writing and composing songs that you could present at local platforms and make some money off of it. Either way, songwriting can be a highly refreshing hobby to pursue.

Consuming Music

  • Attending Live Music

In the age of digital records and online streaming, one would expect live music and concerts to lose popularity, but thankfully, that doesn’t seem to be happening. The same digital presence has shot musicians and artists to never seen before levels of popularity, and fans would pay outrageous amounts to see their heroes in person. Live music at your local pub is still more charming than the sounds from a cassette or the internet, and discovering and attending live music shows can be an excellent hobby, for it soothes the human mind and also supports our local artists.

  • Sharing Music

Yes, sharing music can be a hobby too! With the rise of social media, where every part of our life is celebrated and all emotions expressed, sharing one’s favourite music or other stories can bring as much pleasure as actually listening to music. There are a number of Instagram pages made with the sole motive of sharing music recommendations, and you can start one of your own! Sharing is caring, lads.

Interacting With Music

  • Karaoke

People should really stop debating about how ‘Karaoke’ is pronounced and give it a chance. It is an excellent bonding activity, and who are we kidding, it is loads of fun.

  • Music Visualisation

Music Visualisation was one of the coolest things once upon a time, and it’s still extremely swell, we think! A number of Music Visualisers can be found online and installed for free.

  • Music Theory

This one’s for the geeks, but who are we kidding, there’s a tiny, tiny geek in all of us. If you are really fascinated by the evolution of music over the years and want to know the stories of all your music heroes and their heroes, you should probably give Music History a try. You don’t have to write a full-blown research paper, but if you want to, power to you!

  • Music Collecting

This is for the old schoolers who still miss the audio tapes and long for the vinyl records. Collecting objects can be oddly satisfying and calming and when it comes to music, these are signs of its rich journey and a record collection never really goes out of style, does it?