• Atul Prasad

Heros Need no Capes

The Pandemic

It's not everyday that you come across this word and neither is it taken as lightly. This word, Pandemic, is the stuff of nightmares, that has taken millions of lives across the globe over the centuries. From the Spanish Flu to the Plague to cholera to HIV and now the COVID-19 outbreak. This process of a virus outbreak, costs us our lives in the tune of millions. Centuries of war hasn't really taught humankind much. War, in its different forms, Cold Colonial Civil or even a BioWar, suffering in the form of mass genocide seems like a constant.

The word Pandemic, originates from the greek word, PanDemos, which translates to “all People” and means a disease epidemic that spreads across large regions of land. One of the most horrifying pandemics was the Black Death, which killed an estimated 75–200 million people in the 14th century. The current outbreak across the globe causing uncontrollable deaths are the HIV and the Novel Coronavirus.

We don’t need a cape

The most dangerous predator is the one we can’t see. This is our battle against an enemy who is invisible to the naked eye and despite the bodies it is leaving behind, there are a few amongst us who risk everything to go out there and fight the unseen killer. These are the people who are just as regular as you and I.

The Doctors, the Police, the Celebrities (still regular people), the Municipal officials etc. Whether it is directly helping the fight against this evil or indirectly, every initiative counts and will never be forgotten. We at Hobbyist World salute each and every hero who fights this war against Covid-19. A lot of them are well known hobbyists as well. Here are some of the hero's you ought to know about.

  • The Medical Fraternity :

During this time of a nationwide lockdown, the doctors and the nurses are working round the clock to treat the ones who’ve been diagnosed as COVID positive while risking their lives. With the rapid rise in the number of positive cases across the country. They’re working round the clock to save the people of this country from the deadly virus outbreak, while being belittled in different parts of the nation. All the doctors I know, including my niece, are facing all odds to save this nation from the Novel Coronavirus.

  • The Indian Police.

The police force across the country have finally woken up to be united against this fight. In a country of 1.4 billion and counting, one cannot expect every single citizen to obey the law or be in favour of the ruling political party, let alone be in favour of the lockdown imposed by our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi in order to defeat this invisible enemy. Even though the majority of the citizens are strictly following this lockdown, there is a small section of the society that goes against all law and order, come rain come shine. But the Indian police risk their lives by encountering such outlaws by urging them to stay indoors (stringently of course). The police, from the SI’s to the hawaldars, take to the streets of the cities of India to ensure the safety of the people of this country. The Indian Police, often belittled, are now up in arms against this fight and deserve a shout out or a salute.

  • The Municipal Workers

These guys are no different from the above two. In the cities across India they are working there regular hours to ensure that the cities remain clean and sanitized. Every morning without fail, they arrive at everyone’s doorsteps to collect the garbage in an orderly fashion. No one really notices it, but their lives are at a larger risk than everyone else’s. Being exposed to garbage is equal to being exposed to a million germs and hence being more vulnerable to the virus that is at large. Yet they turn up every morning, wearing masks and collecting all our wastes without a complaint.

  • The Celebrities

We’ve always been heavily influenced by celebrities, old or new. They set the trend, they get a country and sometimes even the world to follow. The help from celebrities is generally in the form of moral support or monetary help towards a government relief fund in order to help set up safety measures and in this case of COVID, testing centres and clinics across the nation. Be it a film star or an iconic cricketer or an industrialist, everyone has come forward in this fight against COVID-19. For the first time, if I’m not mistaken, the nation has become one. There is finally no room for discrimination because when it comes to being the victim, unity and equality is what saves the day.

  • The Pilots

In the wake of this pandemic, a lot of daily lives have been disrupted. With the process of production being stalled or reduced, the supplies to a lot of people across the country have dwindled at an alarming rate. A lot of travelers have been stuck in other countries with the danger of being exposed to the virus being extremely high. The pilots of a few airline companies have stepped forward to help in the form of transportation. Risking their lives to an extent that they might be stuck inside an aluminum tube with any number of positive cases or carriers of the virus. These pilots put everything at stake and risk their lives to be that ray of hope for someone who is frustrated and in dire need of help.

In these trying times, it is the smallest effort from anyone and everyone that matters and goes a long way. To us common folk, being a hero has meant something completely different (all thanks to commercialization) but in reality it's not about the cape you wear, it is about the deed you do. In actuality, anyone who is staying indoors and doing their bit towards the fight against the Novel Coronavirus, is a hero.