• Padmja Sopori

Dia's Earthen Delights

Since the advent of the pottery wheel almost 10,000 years ago, earthen pots have been used for a plethora of different thing, ranging from storage to cooking. Now, however, they have become more ornamental that utilitarian, at least in urban areas. They are a great creative outlet for many, of all ages. Dia Mirza gets candid with Hobbyist World and gives us a little glimpse of her hobby.

Why do you think it's important to have a hobby?

A hobby is an important part of self-actualisation, relaxation and fun!

When and how did you get started with your hobby?

I started doing pottery for a part I was playing. It started as something I needed to learn for the part but soon became a hobby. So much so that when I broke my fingers from a fall off a horse I managed to mobilise the fingers because of working on the pottery wheel.

How do you take out time to pursue your hobby?

One has to just make time! It’s so important to be able to create the time to pursue a passion that elevates the spirit.

How and when were you introduced to pottery?

I was first introduced to pottery in school but went back to it in the year 2006/7.

What is your favourite kind of pottery to make?

I love carving on plates and bowls and painting them. I especially loved working on the ‘Tree Ganesha’ with Dattatri!

Are there styles of pottery that you would like to try?

I’d really love to try my hand at figurines and sculpture!

What is your favourite part of making pottery?

The sense of calm and a total sense escape from everything else that I feel while working on the wheel or while carving a piece... it’s like joyful meditation!

Where do you draw influence from?

I am mostly inspired by nature.

Dia Mirza is an actor, model and humanitarian. You can find out more about her and her efforts on her Twitter and Instagram.