• Padmja Sopori

D-I-Why Not?

With the grey monsoon clouds looming over our heads and the rains putting a damper on all your outdoor plans, all you want to do is laze around all day doing absolutely nothing. But instead, why not do something that is fun come rain or shine. Hobbyist World has created this list of DIYs that everyone will enjoy.

T-Shirt Rug

Learn how to make it here

Crate Table Workstation

Learn how to make this and other crafts with crates here

DIY Magnetic Bottle Opener

More things to decorate your man cave with can be found here

DIY Men’s Cologne

Find more recipes for colognes here

Aeroplane Craft

Learn how you and your tot can make it here

DIY Stress Balls

Get ready to be stress free. Full recipe here

Frog Corner Bookmarks

You can find out how to make these and other bookmarks here

8. DIY Embroidery T-shirt

You can find the pattern for this design, among several others here

Cement Balloon Planters

Spruce up your plant game. Directions here

DIY Tassel and Macrame Keychains

Add an extra something to your keys. Directions here

Cardboard Bus Cat House

Give your kitties a treat. Learn how to make it here

Dandelion Paperweight

Up your office supplies game. Learn how here

DIY Floam

Give your kiddies something interesting to play with. Learn how here

Cat Ladder Fort

Give your kitties a treat. Learn how to make it here

DIY Potted Water Plant

Directions here