• Padmja Sopori

All in the Family

Spending time with our siblings can prove to be difficult when you're older and don't live in the same house together. One of the best ways to spend quality time with your siblings is to start a hobby with them so you have an excuse to hang out and catch up. We at Hobbyist World have listed out some activities you and your siblings and try out.

Board games

Board games are a great way to spend time with the whole family while keeping a healthy sense of competition alive. Games such as monopoly and Pictionary are fun to play in large groups and a great way to spend an evening


Not only is tennis a great workout, but it is also a great way to spend time with your sibling. A great weekend morning can start with you and your sibling sweating it out on the court.


Cooking is meditative and gives you a chance to talk to your siblings while doing it, and you can eat what you make in the end!


If you are an outdoorsy person, there is nothing better than roughing it out in the wild. Stories over a campfire can create new bonds.

Watch TV Shows

What's better than meeting once a week to catch an episode of a show you all like together? If you're not in the same city, streaming sites like zoom.us can let you stream a show on a video call.

Arts and crafts

If you and your siblings love to be artsy, bonding over a DIY project can prove to be a lot of fun!


Show off your singing talents (or lack thereof ) with karaoke nights, that are fun for the whole family, regardless of age.


Family vacations as adults have a different vibe, and allow you the freedom to try new things and create new memories

Restaurant Hopping

Set a night one a week/ month where you go try the food at a different restaurant. A more calm and relaxed environment will enable you to have a conversation.